October 14, 2011

Counting Something Uncountable

In our early school days we are taught the difference between countable and uncountable things. Mathematics is a field of only countable things. Uncountable things (which cannot be assigned any numbered value) has apparently no place in mathematics.
Such uncountable things are the unconscious expenses that can be avoided if we create an understanding as to their impact on our budgets. Mathematical planning and awareness can help us eliminate such uncountable expenses (or in other words), mathematical planning and awareness can help us convert such uncountable things into countable things.
Some of the uncountable expenses are incurred on a courteous note (e.g a tip at a restaurant), while other such expenses are incurred on sheer unconscious grounds. If you use a car for transportation purposes just to avoid a trivial discomfort to walk a couple of blocks, you are incurring an unconscious uncounted expenses.
It requires an element of awareness to assign a mathematical value to such uncounted expenses in order to avoid such unconsiously uncounted expenses. The following key tips can be helpful in this regards:

i) Try to save up the petty cash. Trivial uncountable sums can enable you to buy something crafty in the future.

ii) While making your purchases try to keep the concept of cost-benefit analysis in your mind. Buying a nail cutter is one type of spending while buying a nail cutter cum bottle opener is just another level of mathematical decision. This will save you the uncountable expenditure to buy a separate bottle opener.