April 16, 2012

Top Books on Algebra

Even though this list of top books on algebra is constraint by the requirements of students. A student of 5th standard may have a different ideal book than a professional trainee preparing for a more competitive examination. Keeping these restrictions aside - the following list of the top books on algebra can provide a variety of questions which can be helpful to have a better grasp on the subject of algebra.


Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide

One among the best self-teaching guides written by Peter H. Selby. Is you have lost your touch with algebra for a couple of years. Its time to go through this book. Based the positive reviews that i have traced over the internet..This book is a must for a beginner in the field of algebra.


Maran Illustrated Effortless Algebra

This book is a production of maranGraphics Development Group. This book adopts a progressive approach towards the understanding of algebra and covers the requirements of many students. The book starts with simple concepts and gains momentum towards more detailed complex mathematical problems.


Elementary Algebra

harles P. "Pat" McKeague has a M.S degree in mathematics. He is a member of MAA and has written over a dozen books. This book offers the readers with basic algebraic concepts and explains the relevance of what you are learning.


Algebra and Geometry

This book is written by Alan F. Beardon. This tries to explain the various linkages between numerous mathematical aspects. The understanding enhances gradually. To top it off, there are many exercises provided in this book, which can help out the students.

Despite the above mentioned books on algebra, it is very important to get some advice from your teachers before you start studying one. Because it never helpful if you keep on tackling the harder books before going through the easier ones. The smarter approach should be to develop an overall understanding of algebra. Remember through out your life, your understanding of algebra will always remain at the pre-algebra stage. Such is the diversity of this discipline of mathematics.