July 20, 2012

Doing Mathematics in the Morning

Through out our student-life we are faced with this dilemma in the last weeks before your examinations that whether we should prepare early in the morning or would late night work be a better option?

Here are a few points that should help you make a wiser decision.

1. Never go against your routine. If, in your routine days, you study in daylight (perhaps after your morning classes), then it will not be a better idea to go against your routine and work at night. Changes in routine may disrupt your daily working. Avoid it.

2. Mathematics requires concentration. When you start your maths practice you may be able to concentrate for 3-4 hours. But after that your concentration starts to falter. So if you choose to study in the morning you can always work for a couple of hours in the morning, take some time off and then do another mathematical session for a couple of hours in early afternoon. Working at night does not give you this advantage.

3. Doing mathematics in the morning does not mean sleeping over your books. To make this a healthy activity make sure that you have had a good night sleep. And be active once you are out of your bed. This will ensure that you gain the best of your morning-type study or else you will still be the same as night owls.

4. Always remember to have a good breakfast before you sit to do your mathematical exercises. Breakfast will give you that additional boast of energy your dearly require to concentrate efficiently on your studies.

5. If you are doing mathematics in two sessions, try to tackle the most difficult questions in the morning session when your mind is fresh. Leave the relatively easier problems for the afternoon session.