June 14, 2014

Top 5 places to do your mathematical questions

We all have our own ways of studying mathematics. Some of us are distracted while we are surrounded by people, while to others it makes no difference. Some of us do mathematics while listening to music, while others simply cannot concentrate if music is on. Generally the following five places are suitable for doing mathematics in different scenarios.

1.      Library
Your college or university library can be a suitable place for doing your math-questions, especially for those individuals who prefer a silent environment to concentrate.
Scenario Library can be utilized for doing mathematics immediately after your class to revise what you are taught in the class. This is the best timing to revise what you were taught in the class since most part of the lecture is still fresh in your mind.

2.      Parks
Parks can be a good place to do math problems especially if you want to refresh your mind with the oxygen-rich environment of the park.
Scenario It is scientifically proven that studying at a novel place increases your retaining power, therefore if you are faced with some novel mathematical problems, you can always complete them in a park. While revising later on, your mind will co-relate such problems with the park you visited and you can recall such problems (or formulas) easily.

3.      Friend’s House
You can do mathematics at a friend’s house on a weekend and revise the entire week’s problems.
Scenario Friend’s home is most suitable for such math problems that require combined-study. You can ask your friend the problems that you were facing during the week and in turn he/she can ask you.

4.      Hostel
You can do mathematics at a hostel most preferably near the examinations. This will enable you to avoid the distractions that you were facing while studying at home.
Scenario Here it is worth noting that the practice of going to hostel for preparation should actually enable you to avoid distractions. If you are still distracted in some way, you preparation may not be effective.

5.      Relative’s House
It can help you to revise the most boring topics of mathematics. It might seem to be an inoperative way but you will realize that it is a helpful way of doing mathematics. While visiting a relative you can reduce the boredom of a topic by blending it with the excitement of meeting your relatives (eg. your grandma). And if your grandma can help you with maths, this can have even a more positive impact (since it will also bring the novelty-clause into play).
Scenario The topics that you consider easy are many-a-times neglected because you feel bored while revising them. In such cases, you interest can be developed if you take such topics to a relative’s house and revise them casually (rather than not revising them at all). Remember: Our motto is revision.

a)      This list is not exhaustive.

b)      There is no priority in selecting a place. Moreover, if you can do mathematics more effectively at your own house. Stay there! Our strategy should be to pass, not to jump from place to place.