November 08, 2009

How To Import A Car?

1) Secure the services of a registered automobile importer. First find out all the registered importers. Do the requisite maths and jot down all the costs delineated by them in comparative form. This maths will enable you to a) find and the lowest cost importer and b) reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

2) Ascertain your objectives. Do you want to import a second-hand car? What are your consumption needs? If you consumption needs are hefty you may need a relatively newer car.

3) Other math work that you should be doing include understanding the following things

  • advance to be paid
  • means of payment (i.e electronic or otherwise)

4) You should also do the maths to find out the transaction time. Also mathematically calculate the time the container will take to unload.

5) Also do the math work to find out excise duties and tariffs to be paid over to the port authorities.

6) Also mathematically calculate the amount you will be required to pay in order to register your automobile.